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The full membership year, starting January 1, 2014, is one year from the date you join or renew. 

(There is a also a grace period in January for renewing 2013 members.)

Membership dues for 2014:


$50 single

$40 student

$40 senior (age 65 & over)

$40 military (active)

$120 family (three or more people at the same address)


Note: you do not have to pay membership in more than one Turnverein club to join multiple member clubs! However, please only check clubs you actively attend, not clubs you just have an interest in at this time. You can always be added later, upon request, as a member of additional member clubs.

Instructions for using the MS Word template:

To access the template, click the "Interactive Membership Application" link, and save it to your hard disk drive. You will need to either register or login first. Click "Login" in the upper-right corner if you have already registered with the site, otherwise click "Register".

Then, you can either

  • Open and print it as is from MS Word, and fill out by hand; OR
  • Fill it out using MS Word, then print it out.

A check is required with the filled out form if you join by mail.  Please mail it back using the US Mail rather than using E-mail.  Please make your check out to Turnverein.

When filling out using MS Word:

  • MS Word opens a new unnamed document when the DOT file is clicked on. Hence, when you save this, you will be prompted to enter a name. Change the name of the document such that it includes your own name.
  • Use TAB or Shift+TAB to get from field to field. This will highlight the field so that when you start typing, it will replace the default underscores.
  • Typing the letter "X" while in a checkbox field will toggle the selection on or off.
  • The entry fields are unlimited in length to provide more than enough space for the requested information.


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