Membership: To join the Turnverein Dance and Cultural Center on-line for the first time, you will need to register with this site.  To do that (or just login if you've already registered),     Please read the message below, then click this link to get startedYou can also download the Membership form and print it out, or you can join in person at the Turnverein, or by mail.  Note: you must turn off any pop-up blockers to join or renew on-line!

The Turnverein Dance and Cultural Center, also known as the Denver Turnverein (DTV) is a non-profit corporation that provides affordable space to its member clubs and members.

Membership Dues

  • $50 Individual Membership.
  • $40 Senior Membership (65 years or over).
  • $40 Student Membership (full time with photo ID).
  • $40 Military Membership (retired and active military).

All memberships expire one year from the date you join or renew. 

  • You do not have to pay more than one membership if you belong to multiple clubs, but we ask that you only select clubs you actively participate in, not clubs you just have an interest in for now. (You can always be added to additional clubs later, upon request.)  

Thank you for continuing your contributions to The Denver Turnverein. With your membership, your contributions for Turnverein restoration and the donation of your time and energy, we can continue to build on the tradition of excellence that we have all come to enjoy.


Cammie Strange, Office Administrator, Turnverein Dance and Cultural Center


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